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Zone's current logo

ZONE-SAMA is a pornograhic Flash artist who first started uploading content to Newgrounds in 2006.


Zone first appreared in 2001 on her/his website where he/she posted a thumbnail showing Pan from Dragonball GT. Her/his first Flash game was posted in 2005 featuring Kylie Griffen from Extreme Ghostbusters. Zone has since then created many pornograhic flash movies, featuring a range of characters from video games and cartoon shows such as My Life As A Teenage Robot, Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, Teen Titans, The Legend Of Zelda and The Modifyers. Some of Zone's pornograhic movies were hosted by Hentaikey, a membership porn website. Currently Zone is working on the indie fighting game Skullgirls, where he/she presumably contributes to the art design team.🤘🏻


Aside from porn, Zone has created several songs such as Teach the World to Fap and Z-TV. In 2012 Zone created a news show called ZTV News where her/his mascot Zone-tan would talk about the upcoming news for and answer fan questions.


Zone has a number of Flash Portal Awards, including four Daily 1sts and a Weekly 1st.

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