Another month down, and some things happened during it. Vacations ended, we reach 400 articles, ChainsawNinjaZX joins the wiki... It sure was a fine month.

We also made good progress with our monthly theme, features, as we made pages for voting, reviewing, rank, level (which I'm writing right now)...

And I'm satisfied with the results of the list IceDragon gave me, so here's the new project: the Recategorization

Even if we have a lot of pages, and very good pages, they're in a complete chaos: people who come here without a clear idea of what they're looking are going to get lost very quickly, so I propose that all pages are contained in at least 4 or 5 "main" categories, and in those categories, more specific sub-categories. I.E. A main category can be "Users", "Flash Games", or "Flash Movies", and under each of those categories we put "Authors", "Musicians", "Mods", under "Users"; different genres under "Games", etc. And those few main categories are put in the main page with big icons so people can navitage easily through the wiki.

And BTW, who won and what is the next theme?

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