So I was lying in bed tonight, watching the clock strike 4 in the morning, when I realized that I wasn't going to get any sleep. I go onto Wikigrounds, stumble upon the Gang article, and thought "Hey, maybe I could learn more about this Xombie guy by watching his stuff." So I go to the Series page and click on the first movie.

"XOMBIE is coming to DVD and this episodes is currently not available on-line!"

It says that for every episode. The only links that work are the suggestions, the creator's website, an interview, and the main Zombies collection.

So, in short, one of the premier series on Newgrounds, which has won 26 awards, including eight Weekly Features and six Review Crew Picks, and is featured on the Flash Portal page, is not actually on Newgrounds.

I understand going on to bigger and better things, but I sort of feel insulted somehow.

Well, time to watch some of those Differently Abled Animal Babies...

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