In my honorable opinion, this was the cream of the Flash crop in 2009. Why top 15? Why are they in no particular order? And why am I biased towards games? Because I'm a maverick.


  • Toss the Turtle - Raised the Bar for the Genre
  • Epic Battle Fantasy 2 - A fast-paced JRPG? With humorous overtones? And kittens? Sold.
  • William and Sly - Great atmosphere, and very relaxing. Pity about the scoring in the end though.
  • This is the Only Level - That blue elephant from "Achievement Unlocked" shows us how to get our bang for the buck from one screen.
  • Madness Accelerant - A short game, but every other scene was a set piece moment. Quality trumps length any day.
  • Ultimate Crab Battle - Like Madness Accelerant, short and sweet, one giant set piece moment.
  • Upgrade Complete - The regular game was decent in its own right, but upgrading everything from the ship's engines to the copyright text gives a great sense of progress.
  • Dadgame - Nice, mindless destruction. Nothing new and extraordinary, but its done properly.
  • Crush the Castle: PP - Great mechanics, great levels, and highly addicting.


  • Charlie the Unicorn 3 - I'm a sucker for bitter, cynical unicorns who have lost a kidney.
  • Snow Snow for Lucy - technically speaking, the best Newgrounds has to offer. Also has a fine story.
  • $00pah NiN10Doh! - 2009's killer collab, featuring talents such as Kirbopher and LegendaryFrog.
  • Waiting for the Bus - Its sad and its sweet and occasionally hilarious.
  • Jackie - the perfect companion to 2007's "Jerry".
  • Larry Episode 1 - He's short, bitter, and remorseless. We have a Newgrounds mascot in the making here.


I'm taking Robot Dinosaurs off the list. Its just not as good as Ultimate Crab Battle, an even greater comedy shooter.

Note: This list is liable to changing whenever the author realizes that he either forgot an important submission or put a piece of garbage on this list.

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