Newgrounds Finances have traditionally been hard to track, due to Newgrounds's privately owned nature. Here is some raw info:

  • Newgrounds has traditionally made a vast majority of its money from ads
  • In January 2008, Tom Fulp estimated that Newgrounds could be sold for $15 million.
  • Automatically refreshing ads ended on 8/6/01
  • Advertising was controlled by Troma until March 2003
  • Adult Materiel Ads were a part of the website for quite some time
  • In 2003, annual NG bandwidth cost as much as a small house
  • Newdgrounds, an "adult" version of Newgrounds run by a company in Los Angeles, was supposed to make NG a lot of money. However, only $2000 of $70000 generated ever went to NG.
  • On 3/11/03, the top banner ad could be bought for as little as $20
  • Initial Hosting Fees reached $100 before ads began
  • Before automated submission began, Tom Fulp was offered $3.5 and $7 million
  • On 2005, hosting bills were about $15,000 a month
  • 2005 a great year of growth
  • Popups disappear shortly before redesign
  • October 2007: $17000 a month from advertising in a single space
  • Store launched August 2008

Tom Fulp's history of ads, 2003 1995-1999: No ads (that's a long time, eh?) 1999-2001: Clean Ads 2001+: The Internet bubble burst. We ran on reserves until there was no money left, and then I started running adult ads. They've been around ever since.

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