I love games. They can be describing the depths of the human soul, be intellectual challenges, test a person's skills and reflexes, and just provide senseless fun. Newgrounds has a huge community of people who are great at making games, which was how I was originally drawn to the site. In no particular order, here are a few games that I would consider my favorites on Newgrounds:

Pico's School

Let's start with a classic. Pico is considered by many to be Newgrounds's Mario. I always thought of him as Newgrounds's Mickey Mouse, but that's beside the point. Pico's school showed that a good game could be made using Flash back in 1999, but it still holds up today. Its point and click adventure segments require just a bit of thought, but don't slow the game down. The fights are well made and come at a quick enough pace to keep things interesting. The gameplay hasn't aged much, and the simple art style keeps its charmful violence years later. What else can you want from a classic?


If I had to summarize Aether, it would be "Braid meets Super Mario Galaxy." Simply swinging around from planet to planet is a blast, but the game's more artistic moments are where it really shines. Each planet has a puzzle that corresponds with a human emotion, such as loneliness or fear of rejection. The atmosphere is perfect, with largely monochrome art, quiet music, and the occasional line of dialogue on a lonely planet.

Newgrounds Rumble More to come!

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