For some reason, I really enjoyed making that random article about an unusually poorly received submission. It wasn't a particularly interesting article, but I had fun making it.

Out of curiosity, I searched for, but the website doesn't exist. exists, and is apparently a great site for finding female adult partners. You see, this is what I hate about the internet. Not even racism is sacred anymore.

As a Jew, I really struggled to find a proper spelling for matzah. My family spells it matzah, the store says it's matzoh, except in ball form, when it's matsa, Wikipedia says it's Matzo, and Hebrew school said it was Matza. I should have spelled it FUbO&GV(IOBOVG*&^GO) and have let somebody else take care of it.

Speaking of Jewish food, crackers can actually be non-Kosher. If they contain products from non-Kosher plants or animals or simply comes into contact with something that isn't kosher, then it's contaminated. Some animals like pigs and lobster can't be kosher, but even acceptable beasts like cows can't contain blood, so special methods are required.

I thought the article was notable for a couple of reasons. First, it "won" an award that is prominently displayed next to the King of the Portal and Weekly Users' Choice. Second, it was "won" by a well received author who included it as a typical part of a long running award winning series. It would be like having a poorly received Madness animation by Krinkels.

Oh wait a minute...

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