These are the grand results of my quest to seek out the garbage in Newgrounds. The bad news is, only a quarter or third of the articles we have are up to standards in my opinion. The good news is that many of the other articles are not half bad, and only require links, details, images, etc. By the time I finished going through everything, some of the articles listed here as inadequate will be up to standards. There were a few garbage articles, but they're now either deleted or are candidates for deletion.

Good articles

1337 Crew 316 sword Adam Phillips Adobe Flash Alien Hominid Animator vs. Animation Atom Association Aura BBS Bahamut Barney Bunch BlockHead (Character) Castle Crashers Clock Crew Clock Day Collection page Crews Dick Neck Dragons & Spirits EBaum's World Fancy pants Glossary of BBS Slang Hank J. Wimbleton Illwillpress Interactive Buddy Jeff Weise Jesus Christ K-Fed: Dancing With Fire Little-Rena LiveCorpse Lock Legion Madness (series) Madness Accelerant Madness Apotheosis Madness Avenger Madness Combat 1 Madness Combat 2: Redeemer Madness Combat 5: Depredation Madness Combat 6: Antipathy Madness Combat 7: Consternation Madness Combat 8: Inundation Madness Combat 9 Madness Day Magical Trevor Newgrounds Newgrounds BBS Newgrounds Rumble Noobnation PC Gamer Pico Piconjo Pico's School Pimp Radiogrounds Represent A Country Sheriff Socom Squad Star Syndicate Stat Whore StrawberryClock Strawberry Clock Tankmen The Behemoth The Ultimate Showdown TheWeebl Thomas Briggs Tom Fulp Tricky Wade Fulp Xwaynecoltx

Incomplete Articles

"Fail!" pic"Fail" pic 4chan A.T.P. agent Adam Quinn Aether Afro-Ninja Agency Against Hank Wimbleton Alan Becker Alt Alvin-Earthworm AntiClockClock Anti Barney Bunch Army Art Portal AshfordPride Audio Portal Because you touch yourself at night Bedn Bigbadron BlockHead Episode 10 Transcript Bob Brackenwood Charlie the Unicorn (series) Club A Seal Consience Coolboyman Dad n' Me DanMalo Dan Paladin Dave Deimos Denvish Encyclopedia Dramatica Enoll Final Fantasy Sonic X Flash Portal Glock Group Hentai Higher Powers History of Newgrounds HotActionYiffFur IT'S OVER 9000!! I Swear It's True Improbability Drive Inferno Kitty JadeTheAssassin JohnnyUtah Josh Bend Knox Krinkels Last Resort Liljim List of Newgrounds Moderators Littleluckylink Luis Madness Elimination Main Page Mamatequila Mario Maus Mike MindChamber Nene Newgrounds Moderators Newgrounds Police Department Ng Log NotSafeForWork Ozcar ParagonX9 Phoenix Wrong Pineapple Atom Proteas PsychoGoldfish Ramagi Rape her Red Knight Reversed Republic Review Request Club Riddle School Rob Salad Fingers Sanford Stamper Stem Sunshine Crew Super Mario Bros. Z TheGimpsta TheSoulMan The People's Mario The Sprite Crew The Ultimate Orgy Tim Turd of the Week Twilight Tyler Glaiel Uzi Union Wadelina Why is there a big cock in the top left corner? Wikigrounds Winchester Lock Xiao Xiao Zombie

Here are the top articles we should improve at the moment


Club A Seal

Dad n' Me

Dan Paladin

Flash Portal

History of Newgrounds




Newgrounds Moderators

Salad Fingers


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