The reason I am trying to step back from the wiki is not that I am bored or lazy or even that I don't have ideas. It is simply that I am supposed to be writing my book. I am a writer with a small portfolio of published short stories and mcirofiction to my name, but this past year I have gone back to writing my book- The Riven Oak. I got caught up in the idea that if we just worked and worked on the wiki it would reach a point where there would be a big enough community to make it keep going. Incdis warned me that it success was only temporary and people would disappear again. He may be right, or maybe not, but either way I must go back to the book.

In the last week I have probably added another thousand words- better descriptions, more explanations, more of what people are thinking. I need to make the reader care what happens in the book. That is the same advice I give movie makers in reviews. If you go through my NG User page to my website, you can find my deviantArt page, which has some of my published work etc.

Icedragon64 00:27, December 16, 2010 (UTC)

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