1. Gotta laugh. I stacked up nearly 40 days towards the 60 days required for the next badge, then spent the day with my lovely Lisa and blew the lot when it reset to zero! Although I am kinda proud of doing a lot for the wiki and of everything we have achieved, I don't really do it for the sad-points. If it encourages people to work on our wiki, then fine, badges badges all the way, but being with my babe- priceless :)

2. I finally got round to uploading a pic of the spaces that appear on my pages. This screen shot is my view of the NegativeONE page: File:NegOne Page. Is that not how you guys see it? If not, why not?

3. Where ARE you all on the Destub theme? Salnax has put in quite a bit of info and a few others have put in some bits here and there. I said I would do the NON users, but I have destubbed more Users, let alone the non-Users, than the lot of you put together so far. Getting key notable NG people on our side is to our advantage. Every one of them is vulnerable to the flattery of attention, so contact them, or search their posts. If you lot don't make a good go of giving them a proper, attractive page with a second picture and some interesting stuff, I will just destub the lot at the minimum 8 sentences etc., then take a 2 month holiday. I have plenty of writing to do etc, so I ain't kidding.

I want to see a NEW name up there on the Monthly Theme award and one of you can do it EASILY still, in a single evening if you put your mind to it. I do this on top of a full-time job AND with a girlfriend!

4. The latest [monthly Wikigrounds question on Revenue Sharing] is on the WI/HT thread- We have a good response already from Malachy. Go bump it with something relevent ;)

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