I have created a promotional submission which got through Judgment yesterday at around 2.5. This means we have done most of the promotional initiatives we have planned so far. We want more!

1. Can someone get a Fan-Site Link to/from Newgrounds- we should be able to climb the rankings if we put it on a good place.

2. I would like to see someone else beat me and get a more succesful Submission through NG.

3. We should do more to connect with the other Wikia wikis

4. Write something on the Thread now and again. I don't want to see my dragon on every other post.

5. Use your Secret if you have unlocked it.

6. Post us in your sigs

7. Post News about us- news posts go onto the Front Page.

8. Find appropriate Threads to mention us in now and then.

It all adds up. The number of visitors is MUCH higher than it used to be.


Icedragon64 02:00, November 4, 2010 (UTC)

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