Sorry, this might be a bit disturbing to a few people, especially one recent new editor, but I have been examining the new category of Icon and Genre moderator and I am now asking the question: Despite their title, are these people really Moderators and will the general public really think of them as Notable enough to automatically qualify for a Page here? I have always questioned the Notability of Moderators anyway, happily removing peoples pages when they cease to be mods. As I look into Icon Mods and find they don't Moderate anything, they just make and upload pix, they are no more Noteable than the volunteers who edit the official Wiki, despite their yellow background. Gnere Mods are not much different.

However, would we really not put them on the Admin template? Would I really remove pages already created? Maybe. I am not going to decide this without proper input from the rest of you guys. If I don't get much feedback here, I will talk on the BBS.

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