I have just had an idea to counter the permissiveness of Clock Day, by creating a day when Honest Voters, Dark Voters and those of a serious or literal persuasion can join up to BLAM things going through Judgment with no mercy. Is it possible for enough people to believe that crap will not get through to sway the Statwhores? I might go on the BBS and announce it for some time in the future and ask people to sign up for it.

I might even rise to the dizzy heights of Submitting an advert for it. I propose to BLAM:

  • anything which does not conform to Tom's guidelines- no animation or just a slideshow etc.
  • anything shorter than 10 seconds long
  • anything under 100 kb
  • anything of too much memory for its worth- eg. 7Mb of a whole song with a handful of frames of animation.

When would be a quiet time of year to do it? If we make it a success, Tom might go for it in future years if he believes it will increse traffic as people fight it out.

What do y'all think?

Icedragon64 21:41, August 23, 2010 (UTC)

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