OK, having taken us further from the target with my pogrom of Pages, I will now help make new ones. I don't have time for very major Pages, but I will try to make them at least a few lines long. The target is still achievable in May if we GO FOR IT! I suggest we do a couple more of the subs in the Top 20 All time, as they are obviously likely to be very Notable. I would prefer us generally to focus on creating Pages that we actually have something special to say about, rather than creating Pages with onbly obviosu info, just because they are classed as Notable.

I am ready to submit my animation as soon as we hit 500-

Salnax, will you please contact Wikia about their Spotlight Promotion?

Tyler- could you please try PMing or Talk Paging a few of our top Editors and asking if they would please get involved in this promotion as we approach the big day? - one Spainblitz from Spaintendo could do the job in a day!

Joey- please continue improving our pages, I am knocking out quick ones you could add to easily.

Can others please talk about 500 Pages on the Thread and in their News Posts.

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