• Icedragon64

    Generally, we limit the number of Characters Pages in Wikigrounds. We are really only interested in characters having Pages if they have Notability beyond their own series as, in the grand scheme of Newgrounds, most characters are not that Notable. Bitey, for example is one of the Gang in the pic on the Flash Portal Page, he appears in parodies etc quite often. There are, however dozens of top series with major characters who nobody outside the series would know the name of.

    If someone really wants to create Pages for individual characters, they had best create a Wiki for the series, as has been done for Madness Combat etc. then Notability is relative to the Specialist Subject rather than considering how notable the individual chartacter o…

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  • Icedragon64


    May 27, 2011 by Icedragon64

    Is it just me? Wikigrounds is not working properly for me:

    1. When I enter the name of a Page in the box, suggestions are not appearing underneath as I write

    2. The Delete option is not appearing for me on the Edit box, so I cannot delete pages, as I want to before 500.

    3. When I click the Categories box at the bottom of the Page, the screen just jumps to the top of the page, instead of allowing me to enter categories.

    All of this means I cannot do my job properly :(

    Icedragon64 00:28, May 27, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Icedragon64

    Focus on 500!

    May 23, 2011 by Icedragon64

    OK, having taken us further from the target with my pogrom of Pages, I will now help make new ones. I don't have time for very major Pages, but I will try to make them at least a few lines long. The target is still achievable in May if we GO FOR IT! I suggest we do a couple more of the subs in the Top 20 All time, as they are obviously likely to be very Notable. I would prefer us generally to focus on creating Pages that we actually have something special to say about, rather than creating Pages with onbly obviosu info, just because they are classed as Notable.

    I am ready to submit my animation as soon as we hit 500-

    Salnax, will you please contact Wikia about their Spotlight Promotion?

    Tyler- could you please try PMing or Talk Paging a f…

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  • Icedragon64


    May 22, 2011 by Icedragon64

    The badges have never been of great interest to me, but I do still kinda like having them and I tend to speed up on a particular badge when I am near to achieving it!

    I have wondered why some people seem to get more badges than others who seem to put in as much work and it came to me today!

    If you focus on just writing stuff and editing stuff, then you will get edits towards an edit badge, but if you do other things, such as add pix, they also count as an edit! Da!

    For anyone sad enough to care, I reckon a precious random 1000th Edit Badge is due soon!

    Icedragon64 18:26, May 22, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Icedragon64

    Monthly Changes etc.

    April 30, 2011 by Icedragon64

    Let me spell out the full list of Monthly Changes/promotions so y'all can get together and do one properly.

    1. During the PRESENT month you put some suggestions together of what you want the next Featured Article to be, then the Admin should pick one IN ADVANCE.

    2. During the same PRESENT month the winner of the last Monthly gets to decide what the next Monthly Theme should be.

    3. Also, we can ask one question in the WI/HT thread, which gains a little promotion and some useful info for the wiki. I aim to do this mid-month, away from the promotion we get at the change of month.

    4. As the month draws to a close, some admin, or failing that, anyone, needs to decide who has won the present month- whoever has done the most work on the present…

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