• HibiscusKazeneko

    Hi, it's me, HibiscusKazeneko. I don't come here very often, so I had no idea we added badges or blogs. I just discovered this feature and figured "Hey, why not take this for a spin?"

    On to business...

    I don't have much to talk about. If you've followed my Newgrounds userpage, I haven't updated in a while. I don't normally like sharing my intimate life details with the rest of the interwebs, so I typically just blog about what I do in my spare time. Lately I've been listening to a band called The Alfee whom no one this side of the Pacific Ocean has heard of and I can rightfully say this is the first time in my whole life I've actually followed a band. As could possibly be expected, I also follow the members of the band, and I ran across Tosh…

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