I've been off the wiki site for awhile but I'm planning on coming back to it now that I have a significantly larger amount of free time (I hope) and a lot fresher mind. Well, I generally don't like sharing personal information with others, but I feel I owe it to this site to explain where I've been and would appreciate if the information I state stays within the blog post.

I've had enough time to use the internet, going on Newgrounds and playing a few games, but when I was on the internet I never really wanted to "use my mind" or care about anything. Naturally I didn't feel like coming here because I generally feel responsible for the articles and the information I put up, even if it does change I would rather my information be 100% accurate and thought through as possible.

So what was I doing in the real world? Well on March 11th 2011, I attained the rank of Eagle Scout, which took a lot of work to do and accounts for much of my time prior to that date. Other things I've been doing are along the lines of getting accepted into a university (name will not be disclosed) and tutoring students in mathematics and phyics. Apart from that, I have also been spending time at an organization called THINK Together.

Also in that span of time, my dog died, which put me into a very heavy grieving process as he was, and still is, my best friend. This made it necessary to visit my psychologist more often and also consumed some time.

Otherwise, I will admit to have been wasting time on videogames, studying, practicing guitar, and hanging out with friends, but I view it as time well spent.

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