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Profile: TurkeyOnAStick
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Aura: Artist
Level: Level 25
Mod AuraLevel 25
Whistle: GoldWhistle
Blam/Protect Rank: Police Captain
Police Captain
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TurkeyOnAStick is a Newgrounds Flash Author and Artist. He is also a Moderator in the Forums, Chat, and Art Portal.


TurkeyOnAStick has some art scouted on the Art Portal, most of which is toon style pictures of people. His "Bug-Bait" has daily 4th and has been Front Paged.

He most notably contributed art to the Newgrounds 20th Anniversary Collab, a massive compilation of movies, games, writing, artwork and audio to celebrate Newgrounds' 20th anniversary in 2015. He has also either taken part in, or been responsible for, several art collaborations, including the Newgrounds Holiday Art Worm, the Totem Collab and Illuminatimas.

As of May 2016, TurkeyOnAStick has won six Game Trophies and six Movie Trophies.

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