Opening the Barracks

Opening the Barracks

The Elite Guard Barracks is a group of users devoted to protecting the Flash portal from Flash submissions which violate the rules. It was founded on November 29, 2005 by EagleRock, who still posts in the Elite Guard Barrack's main thread.[1] They have also investigated stolen Flash in the past. In total, the thread contains over 37,000 responses and has over 660,000 views, making it one of the most popular on Newgrounds.

Club Purpose and Style Edit

BP Private

All members should have a BP Rank in the military levels of Private or above.

Eagle Rock started the Club with the intention that all members would be BP Elite ranks and that they would refer to and address each other according to their BP rank. The members used to refer to each other using the B/P system as ranks, but as of 2010, most members don't seem to do so, though a few, such as byteslinger still salute. They maintain a roster of members and record member's B/P success.

How it is viewed by othersEdit

The Newgrounds Police Department has strong links with the Guards, since right from the Start of the Department, the Guards contacted them and allied themselves. Many of the users of the Newgrounds Police Department cross paths with the thread as well.

Eternal Links Edit

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