Real Name: Tom & Adam Vian
Birthdate: Adam: 1988 & Tom: 1985
Profile: The-Super-Flash-Bros
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Aura: Game Developer
Level: Level 30
Game Developer AuraLevel 30
Whistle: BronzeWhistle
Blam/Protect Rank: Corporal
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The-Super-Flash-Bros are two brothers, Thomas and Adam Viam, who have 58 submissions as of April 2011. They have earned 71 trophies from these submissions, including a whopping 23 Daily Features, eight Weekly Features, and four Review Crew Picks.



Another Day 8, which won A Daily Feature and a Weekly Fourth Place.

Thomas Vian, known more commonly as 'Tom', is the older of the brothers (25). He is the programmer for the games that the Bros have made. The first game created by the Flash-Bros was actually animated by him - the result, he says, is the reason why he no longer animates.[1]


Adam Vian, also known as 'Dim', is the youngest brother, at 21. He animates for the Flash Bros, and has been practicing with flash since he was 14. He studies animation at Kingston University.[2]


The Flash Bros have a website that they use to give updates to their work and store the games/movies they have made.

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