The first Tank Awards

Tank Awards are the highest awards given on Newgrounds. These annual awards honor those who have made great contributions to Newgrounds. Winners get bronze tank trophies with their names on them. Each Tank costs approximately $500 to make.[1] They were first introduced in 2007 and have become a major fixture in the Newgrounds Calendar, with the nominations for Movies and Games building up through the year and a big video announcement from Tom when the day finally comes.

Method of selection for Awards Edit

Flash submissions are nominated by winning monthly contests, official days, or are nominated by the Newgrounds Staff. A panel of judges then selects the best game and movie of the year using an instant-runoff voting system, in which the panel votes for a number of submissions and the submission with the least votes doesn't factor into the next round.Movies and games are chosen by a panel of judges. The Musician of the Year was chosen in 2007 by prominent members of the Newgrounds Audio Community[2], and Tom Fulp personally chooses the User of the Year and later Musicians of the Year.

Criteria for movies and games Edit


  • Quality of animation
  • Style and originality
  • Quality of writing
  • Pace and sense of timing
  • Score and sound effects


  • Overall concept and originality
  • Game mechanism and controls
  • Replay appeal
  • Level of difficulty/accessibility

2007 Edit

Movie PanelEdit

Tank Awards Movies 2007 Panel

The Panel for Best Movie of 2007.

Nominated MoviesEdit


Since it won the September Monthly Contest, The Composer became a Tank Award nominee.

  • Aladdin 3150
  • Animator vs. Animation II
  • Blockhead Ghostmas
  • Bunnykill 3 Vol. 2
  • The Composer
  • Dad's at Work
  • FlashBack 00
  • Jerry
  • Madness Consternation
  • Madness: Deus Ex Machina
  • Project Freetown: Metropolis Circuit
  • My New Grounds
  • Rienland
  • Socklops
  • The Stranger Forest
  • Tomas et la Fraise
  • Waterlollies
  • What is Love?

Game PanelEdit

Nominated GamesEdit

Portal Flash

Oddly enough, Portal: The Flash Game has nothing to do with the Flash Portal.


Sample fight

The Best Game of 2007.

Adam Phillips on receiving the awardEdit

Thanks so much NG for this huge honour. I couldn’t keep doing these movies without the continued support from Newgrounds and the Brackenwood fans.

I’ve said it before and I’ll always say it: if it weren’t for Newgrounds, my site would still be a relative unknown on a shared server and I’d probably still be working in a studio as ‘talent-on-tap’ churning out terrible sequels, like so many extremely talented people who deserve better.

Now I’m working from home, and while the money isn’t as good as a full-time job, I make enough in AdSense to pay for a dedicated host, which makes my site almost self-sufficient. This gives me time to work on my personal projects including a Brackenwood feature film which I’m no co-writing with a close ex-Disney colleague in Los Angeles. Quite simply, none of this would be happening if it weren’t for Newgrounds. I’ve got NG to thank for it all.

I’m completely gob-smacked. Thank you, A. Phillips'

2008 Edit

Movie PanelEdit

Nominated MoviesEdit

Walk in the Woods

Walk in the Woods was one of 2008's finalists.

  • Anusboy
  • Art in the Playground
  • The Assumption Song
  • Bambee
  • Chuck's New Tux
  • Collin & The Wishing Tree
  • Easy Way Out
  • Fallen Angel - Ep. 1
  • The Greatest Idea Ever!
  • Harry the Harlequin Fetus
  • House of 1000 Cats
  • Jerry and the Closet
  • Madness Confabulation
  • Mastermind 2 & 3
  • Metal Gear Awesome 2
  • Metal Gear Funnies
  • Snowbot
  • 2 - The Story of Khale
  • There She Is!! Steps 3, 4, and Final
  • These Pancakes Are Tiny
  • Walk in the Woods

Game PanelEdit

Nominated GamesEdit


Although it was a finalist, Aether was not voted Game of the Year.


ReNaeNae's Tank, guarded

Renaenae's well-guarded Tank Awrd

Tank Awards 2008

In 2008, the results were announced in a video.

2009 Edit

Movie PanelEdit

Nominated MoviesEdit

  • The Ballad of Cripple Kane
  • Charlie the Unicorn 3
  • ChristMASS, Inc.
  • Fruit
  • Get on My Horse
  • Grumatorium
  • Jerry: The End
  • Left 4 Speed
  • Madness Rising
  • Mastermind 4
  • Run, Darnell, Run!
  • Saturday Morning Watchmen
  • Snow Snow for Lucy
  • Such is Life
  • $00pah NiN10Doh!
  • Tarboy
  • The Last of the Dashkin
  • The Transformer
  • TT: 011 Runner II
  • Waiting for the Bus!
  • War, Snow and Fire

Game PanelEdit

Nominated GamesEdit


  • Movie of the Year: Tarboy
  • Game of the Year: Level Up!
  • User of the Year: Joshua Tomar (TomaMoto)
  • Musician of the Year: Hania Lee (hania)[3]

2010 Edit

Movie PanelEdit

Nominated MoviesEdit

  • The Pigpen
  • Beer Run!
  • Hook Line and Sinker
  • Leo & Satan 1, 2, and 3
  • Girlchan in Paradise Ep3
  • Operation: Graveyard
  • Link's Barrel Beat
  • Katan
  • Titanomachina
  • Mastermind 5
  • Bear Bear
  • Smokey the Monkey
  • WGJ4K: Mickey's Rebuttal
  • Xionic Madness 3
  • Larry Ep 2
  • Gone Too Far Too
  • Neenja 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Zanta Claws III

Game PanelEdit

Nominated GamesEdit


2011 Edit

Nominated MoviesEdit

  • Dot Dot Dot - Animated
  • The Northern Incident
  • Moustaches
  • Warriors of the Portal
  • Salad Fingers Episode 9
  • Madness Abrogation
  • Hammer & Fail 2
  • Animator vs Animation III
  • The Shape of Love
  • Micmadness
  • Nyan Caxx
  • Song of Skyrim
  • PokeAwesome
  • Ça Ça Mirlaquerr
  • Desktop Stripper
  • Villiany - Episode 1
  • Alight
  • Spend it Wisely

Nominated GamesEdit

  • Flight
  • Burrito Bison
  • Charlie Sheen - Winning
  • Upgrade Complete 2
  • ReImagine: The Game
  • Goin Up
  • Gap Monsters
  • Symphonic Tower Defense
  • K.O.L.M. 2
  • Lab of the Dead
  • The Engineer
  • William and Sly 2
  • Adventure Story
  • Verge
  • Snailiad
  • Pokemon Tower Defense
  • Rebuild


  • Game of the Year: William and Sly 2
  • Movie of the Year: Ça Ça Mirlaquerr
  • Musician of the Year: Buoy
  • User of the Year: RicePirate

2012 Edit

Winners =Edit

  • Game of the Year: Abobo's Big Adventure
  • Movie of the Year: Lucky Day Forever
  • Musician of the Year: Kor-Rune
  • User of the Year: deathink

Controversy Edit

Due to the publicity surrounding the Tank Awards and the sheer number of entries, controversy has occurred after the winners are revealed. Generally, controversies are based around Newgrounds users disagreeing about who deserves the awards. In 2007, the controversy was minimal, since the award winners were perceived as obvious choices. However, after the 2008 awards, many people were concerned about Chuck's New Tux! winning the Movie of the Year award over the There She Is series.[4] Many users expressed their dissatisfaction by giving the 2nd Annual Tank Awards movie poor reviews.[5]

A year later, a controversy broke out over hania winning the musician of the year award. On the official Tank Awards Winner thread, Rig, a well known musician and Moderator, complained about how hania was a poor choice due to her inactivity in the Newgrounds Audio community. He also complained that the Newgrounds staff didn't treat the Audio community as the Flash Community's equals, and that they were unwilling to fix the system.[6] Liljim, Mindchamber, Luis, and PsychoGoldfish defended the choice and their treatment of the Audio Portal. Mindchamber felt extremely insulted especially because he is a fairly active Audio Portal Member. Later, Rig apologized in a news post, and explained his reasoning.[7]

Links Edit

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