Real Name: David Franco
Birthdate: {{{birthdate}}}
Profile: SymbolCymbal
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Aura: Musician
Level: Level 25
Musician AuraLevel 25
Whistle: GoldWhistle
Blam/Protect Rank: Pvt. First Class
Pvt. First Class
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Audio: S:C You Turn The Screws NoVoc

S:C You Turn The Screws voc
Mr. Funkhausen
Sum Wobble Rume-demo-

David "SymbolCymbal" Franco is a well-known NG user and former Audio Moderator. He plays drums in a band called Unnamed and Undecided. He aided Rig in his protest against Hania Lee winning best Musician of 2009 in the Newgrounds Tank Awards. Some of his favorite audio artists on newgrounds are Quarl, Fantomenk, zirconmusic, vai90, MaestroRage, cycerin, Waterflame and nubbinownz.


External Links Edit

His Facebook His band on SoundCloud

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