Super Drunk Mario Bros is a upcoming 2016 comedy flash movie to be made by Blordow. This was a remade Super Drunk Mario Bros flash movie.


Blordow as Mario


In August 29, 2014, Newgrounds announced that a new project titled Super Drunk Mario Bros  is in works and is scheduled to be uploaded in February 23, 2016, Blordow will be a director. In January 18, 2015, some pictures and GIFs from Know Your Meme will be featured in this flash. In February 28, 2015, the flash took Blordow to shoot the personal flash. In March 2, 2015, Blordow said "This is not a third installment in the Super Drunk Mario Bros series This is the upcoming Super Drunk Mario Bros project to be remade." and Newgrounds allowed the old sprites' first look to a new look. In April 9, 2015 Newgrounds said that the production website will have some Mario flash movies.


The flash will be uploaded in 23 February 2016.

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