Strawberry Clock.

Strawberry Clock is a character in many movies created by the Clock Crew and others. His character was created from the name of StrawberryClock, a user who inspired the creation of the Clock Crew. He is portrayed as being the leader of the crew of characters representing the Clock Crew in their animated world of Clickeroony etc. He is traditionally portrayed in the centre of the lineup of the five original clocks:

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Strawberry Clock is usually portrayed by the Clock crew as a bumbling, arrogant fool, often proclaiming bold intentions and then being lazy and selfish. Despite this, the Crew and their animated characters usually revere him anyway. Both StrawberryClock, the author and Strawberry Clock the character are held as "King of the Portal" by the Clock Crew. They also proclaim that "You Can't Kill Strawberry Clock", a concept which began in an early OrangeClock Yo GAY FAAG game. SBC is supposed to be the leader or king of the Crew, but in practice he is often portrayed as being so unreliable or unfit to lead that others take his place or shut him up, such as PineappleClock, who hates control in The Void. This was the film which began SBC's habit of asking to drive- his Crew are generally reluctant for him to drive and the consequences of him doing so are usually dire.

StrangeCock and Monkeycock also have the Clock Characters shown as 'actors' in flash movies, so they each take on another persona. Thus in the series 21 O'Clock Street SBC plays a maverick cop, though the cop shows a lot of Strawberry clocks traits, such as not grasping what is going on and being clumsy.

Image Edit

The original avatar is very messy, but other authors have usually made the character look more like a strawberry, usually with yellow pips , though not always. He is often portrayed with a crown, as King of the Portal, or of Clocktopia. He has been portrayed in 3D, with fancy angles, usually bouncing along, though occasionally a glimpse of arms or legs can be seen. Early movies have him with no hands or arms and things just moving as if he picked them up. Most later ones have him with red circles for hands and a few have proper hands, sometimes with yellow pips on them.

The Gang Edit

Strawberry Clock is on the front, left of The Gang, a picture of some of the most well-known characters on the Flash Portal Page.

Parodies Edit

His image- a strawberry with a clock as a face- has spawned a multitude of other Clock characters- OrangeClock, RaspberryClock etc, each a member of the Clock Crew. It has also been the inspiration of the other crews which copy the Clock format- StrawberryLock, StrawberryDock etc, each with their appropriate image for a face, then followed by RaspberryLock etc. In other crews their Strawberry character, if they have one, is often shown with a similar role to SBC, such as Strawberry Dock killing his own army.

Beyond Newgrounds Edit

Strawberry Clock and the Clock Crew have gone beyond Newgrounds to such sites as YouTube, with Strawberry Clock submissions either being posted there by Clock Crew Authors or taken from Newgrounds and posted there later. Searching on YouTube brings a string of Strawberry Clock submissions, such as this. He also appears in an online flash game titled "Interactive Buddy" as a skin. You can find the game here.

Newgrounds Links Edit Official History of the Clock Crew SBC's User Page

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