I'm Nano Sico, I am known as an Artist and Animator "it's an illusion of movement", I was called StickBlue since 2013 but more like StickBlueAnimated, but especially I was retarded back then, and now I'm being changed starting late 2016. And so i introduce to "StickBlue Yatsura" he has alternative personalities as Berserker like his powers and his appearance is on SA.n and also I made myself an OC like Chalsian where he's no longer I my arts in summer so his appearance in late 2013, so i might starting to think I'm a add him to my arts again, well somewhat, I have incredible characters in my timeline.

Long time ago, I was doing my arts with mouse with MSPaint in early 2010s and I was doing my first Photoshop on my device while back in 2012 and somewhat decent arts in 2013, and well I almost thought people liked it and I'm doing lineless artworks but it was really stupid til I got on to my new life making my new account! and I joined deviantART on July 17, 2015 but I'm not saying my original... the real one (My original was created in 2014 so I have to get that banned), and so I submitted my first art on sonic and now it's on public and I don't know if it is believable, and I seen this well and bout that life, I ongoing my arts on october 2015, and it was cool getting my life on track! so I decided to animations since 2015 but I was using my mobile device to animate and it would suck if that would happen by the first time of my life it will become crap.

I sorta joined storm-artists since December 4, 2015 and it looked just like Sheezyart and I have to start off of making new friends in dA and SA.n, and then I met Yukirar, he was amazing at arts, and we became good friends each other, and also on January 1, 2016, SA.n has been closed down, I was depressed but I could ongoing on deviantART for the rest of my life so I started off on Inkbunny, Epilogue, Tumblr, Twitter, and Pixiv, but I wanted to start off my new Newgrounds Profile in April 11, 2016, NG is a best site that I can think of that it's about community and illusion and also collabs too.

Well I wanted to meet new friends on NG and I met CosmicChris, well even known as VenomationsTV/NightRaid-NG/StaticSkull, And he's a good artist and he helps me with his games and animations and I participates on his collabs and he good within, but that's not what happened we was a horrible artist, the only good thing is he doing hosting a lot of collabs and he keeps on shitposting and steal stuff and other than that, he kept my drugged up for months and it doesn't make any sense, he made me that way like a retarded user, and I didn't believe any other bullshit what he was thinking about. Now we're all back where I started, and so I was doing UW arts, it's the best thing i can think of is that i doing request and some shit I would know, but that time I start off on doing Shadow Demons, and it was a good life for me and I was doing fanarts, joining groups, and making new friends, and somehow I got my new drawing tablet, and I was like I'm a good of doing stuff AND my life is going amazing, until everything flipped, I started posting stolen arts, I kept making alt accounts, I'm having bad opinions, I'm posting bad reviews cuz I was too cool for everything, I was fool of myself, I acted like I was the king of the world, I cause me to lose my friends, I got banned multiple times, I stopped doing collabs and that cause problems with me and my friends, and I slowly stopped going on NG, and I was always busy going out, and doing my own things, and then on August i decided to get better on coloring, well I spoked at Chris's old arts and also I started to do changes on my life and I found out messing up again, I stopped focussing on animations, and I changed my NG username as HeavenSC21, and Chris think that's a good name, and people starts accusing on my username as an alt account and does not make any sense and they're gonna ban/delete me, but I almost got deleted, thank god i didn't, and the guy finally stands up for them like it's not chris' alt, and if they see my and their alts again, they will ban or delete me, so I would never make any alts or break the rules ever again.

After that I realized, I need to get my life back on track, I need to focus on Illusion, and I need to focus on rules, so I didn't want to be that stupid loser who drops out of NG, because I'm a stupid person. Also I met RGPAnims, he was a graphic designer of a teenager and so we became friends so on December, we do a collab on each other and now I helped him with my animations but also christmas. And also I was interested in Discord so we can chat each other, but... I don't really talk much, and so I'm not good enough with opinions and so I got screw around here if I was wondering. So i was interested for me as a collab of ShirukenMaster's and also I joined The LadyBug Collab, and I focus on this collab and I finished with my entry of the Collab, well I was busy doing other stuff I would like so I see good friends that RGP has, and they were cool within, ok let's go on the sprites... So I started off sprites animations, but I sometimes skew and do some tweens like shit like I'mma beast doing it like this. And so I got interested in Pipes Collab, and it looked like doors collab "I seen that collab before...", well I love my life in 2017 and I have an awesome time and somehow I study my skills and anatomy like I'm real with it cause it's Savage doing my stuff

Well... that's all! I hope y'all have a great day or moment in your lifetime, i'll be watching! :)

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