"Road of the Dead"
Author: Evil-Dog


Audio used: Undead Chase
Origin: 10/13/2010
Size: 24.5 MB
Score(As of October 2011): 4.44/5.00
Genre: Action
Awards: Awards 5Daily Feature

Awards 1Weekly Users' Choice

Author's comments:
Hey people! SickDeathFiend, me and the rest of the team are very excited to bring you our first game: Road of the Dead!

Escape the quarantined city by driving through a highway filled with ravenous undead, carnage and chaos while the military tries to stop you!

With 4 game modes, 24 medals and up to 1000 newgrounds point (OMFG!!!), we hope you greatly enjoy Road of the Dead!

PERFORMANCE NOTE: Keep in mind the Q key to toggle the quality for people with slower computer, it is a pretty graphic intensive game :D The newgrounds Dimming Lights and Popup options can also help get better performance.

Leave comments and tell us what you think of it! Cheers!

Note This information only refers to the official release on the Flash Portal.

Road of the Dead is an action-based Driving Game, with programming by Evil-Dog, art by SickDeathFiend, and a team of voice actors. It was submitted on October 13, 2010 and was an immediate success. It includes lots of upgrades and options and offers 24 Newgrounds Medals.

Story Edit

(WARNING, SPOILERS AHEAD) Road of the Dead is the story of a mechanic who escapes the zombie apocalypse, despite stiff opposition from the military and Zombies. He decides the best way to do so is to equip a black sports car with everything he has and drive on Highway 65 to the tunnel that leads to the exit. Along the way, the military notices his attempt, and attempts to stop him with ground troops, helicopters, and even jets capable of carpet bombing. Over the radio, the player hears a story of the military's failure to stop the zombie threat. Eventually, a higher ranking officer, General Sherman, takes command, and gets the President's permission to use "The Drop" on the city in hopes of stopping the outbreak, killing all remaining forces and innocent civilians in the process. Although the player can escape the city before the Nuclear bomb hits, the game ends on a negative note, as it does not successfully stop the zombies.

Design Edit

Road of the Dead includes four distinct modes, one of which is locked at the start.

The Great EscapeEdit

This is the main story mode. The player's goal is to escape the zombie-ridden city despite stiff opposition from the military. Players regularly reach save points, which they will revert to if killed. After death, the player goes back to the garage to upgrade their vehicle with money earned on their prior runs, and can then attempt to drive to the next save point.

Highway to HellEdit

This is a harder version of the above mode, and is unlocked once The Great Escape game has been beaten. Upgrades earned from The Great Escape are carried over in this mode, ironically making the early game somewhat easier.

Dead on TimeEdit

This is a high-score based mode, in which players, who have a constant time limit, must extend this time by running over zombies. Therefore, the player must hit as many zombies as possible while still avoiding other obstacles; most importantly there is a major time-loss for hitting civilians, making distinguishing between targets and judging distances vital.

Police StateEdit

This is another high-score based mode, which instead pits the player against an endless road of military forces.

Gameplay Edit

Road of the Dead

Had that been a civilian, there would have been several lawsuits.

Road of the Dead features a fairly complex control scheme, which can be customized in the main menu. Players usually control the car's steering with the A and D keys, acceleration with the W key, and braking with the S key. The hand brake, which has more dramatic effects but offers poor control, is controlled via the space bar. The E key controls the horn, which frightens away civilians but attracts zombies. The windshield wiper, controlled by R, washes blood and gore from the player's victims away. If an enemy is on the roof of the car, the player can shoot them with the F key, damaging their windshield in the process. The P key activates the "Perception" mode, which offers an ultra simplified version of the game's graphics at the top of the screen, which is useful for spotting hidden objects or enemies. Q changes the quality of the graphics.

Presentation Edit

The game, which takes place in a three dimensional environment yet uses 2D art, has sophisticated graphics, including a variety of civilians, soldiers, zombies, vehicles and backgrounds. The animation is full and complex, showing in detail the results of everything the player does, to more or less arcade standard. This includes not only blood but also entrails in fully graphic detail, for which the game has a warning at the beginning. The sound effects are full and detailed, including the various vehicles, people and sound effects. The game's story is heard over the radio, where the various actors refer to the events of the unfolding zombie apocalypse and the attempts to stop the player.

Reception Edit

Reception on Newgrounds Edit

The game won Daily Feature and Weekly Users' Choice, and went to number 1 on the All Time Best in its first week. As of October 5, 2011, it has over 2,900 Reviews, with an average score of 9.6. Furthermore, it has over 2.3 million views and over 48,000 votes. Road of the Dead is featured in the Zombies and Halloween 2010 collections.

Reception Elsewhere Edit

As of 25th October 2010, it scores 4.24 on Kongregate and around 9/10 on Armor Games. IGN, a popular gaming website, featured Road of the Dead in an article, praising its upgrade system, variety, and strategy.[1]

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