P-Bot is one of the six Newgrounds Bots that help Newgrounds with different assignments. Although they are simply bot programmes on the computer, each is given a persona, including a picture and a user page on Newgrounds, which lists their functions and may have messages from the bot. Each is characterized by having a different aura.

P-Bot Icon

P-Bot's Icon

P-BOT's Functions Edit

P-Bot Picks the daily Flash Portal winners and announces them on the front page every day, and removes submissions that fail to reach the required score during Judgment. It is said that he "blams" them with his BLAM cannon. He also sends confirmation messages to the e-mail of users when they create accounts.

P-Bot is the only Bot which has a BBS forum- P-bot's Postings . Every day, P-bot posts the top scoring submissions from the previous day in this forum, which is also near the bottom of the Front Page.

P-Bot also picks the judges for the top monthly games and movies.

According to his Userpage:


Flash Appearances Edit

P-Bot is surely the most famous of all the bots because his image has been widespread through Newgrounds in animations and games like:

Newgrounds Rumble- The first important debut of P-Bot in the Flash Portal. He is one of the playable characters in this game. This famous game, winner of the first Tank Award made P-bot's image very well known.

Its a Tank! -Where apparently he is one of the creators of this flash. Here we can see how P-Bot creates the Tank Awards. This is a live-action movie, with Tom Fulp and MindChamber, apparently showing that despite our assumptions, P-Bot is female.

2nd Annual Tank Awards- In this event we can only listen to P-Bot's voice giving Tom Fulp the winners of each Tank Award category.

DU#2 (P-BOT) a P-Bot dress-up in the Dressup Collection

He has also appeared in many fan animations as a minor character.

Links Edit

P-Bot userpage

Newgrounds Rumble

It´s a Tank

2nd Annual Tank Awards

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