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Mich sucks and he has an ugly face and when he passionately kisses his disgusting girlfriend their fucked teeth interlock together in imperfect dental harmony.

Mich was born in a car accident which left his teeth and his face in a permanent state of being completely fucked alongside his cousin/current girlfriend/goblin from the shadow realm. He has a strong, almost delusional sense of unwarranted self pride combined with an urgent & internal need to share his fucked up face and some garbage he wired together aaaaaaalllll by himself using breadboards, hot glue, and whatever he could find in a dumpster behind his local radio shack. He doesn't hesitate to show off his exclusive use of javascript and creative style sheets for almost anything he's written in his life, and needs a sturdy set of training wheels to transition into anything more complex (ex. Ruby on Rails). He stole Conway's Game of Life and put it on his resume under "Creations" and called it Ocarina of Time HD Remastered because it was too hard for him to write anything that isn't in javascript by himself.

He likes to call himself a music producer when all he does is just slow down other songs and pitch shift them until they aren't recognizable anymore and puts a reverb filter on it. He also gets really really mad if you call him a cuck or post pictures of his ugly girlfriend so doing that is encouraged greatly.

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