Max platform 3d Adventure is a platform game that contains elements of arcade and adventure. Take the adventure of Max and explore all kinds of wonderful land, but watch out for all kinds of obstacles and enemies, find the key and the door that will take you to the next level. Improve the ability to give more and better results in a shorter game time, thanks to which you will get awards. Collect coins for which you will be able to buy improvements, thanks to which the game will be more funHow to play:arrows on the screen that are used to move a character, press the jump to jump and roll to a roll. Jump from blocks to blocks to get ahead, and jump on enemies to defeat them, step into the elevator to move, collect coins to purchase upgrades such as: apple - fast-moving, pear - a powerful blow - when you jump and you are in the air press jump or roll to use powerup - thanks so defeat the enemy in a single jump, duck - fly - fly to collect coins and stars that will enrich with the highest number of points by which you complete the level to the highest level. To win you need to find the key and the door

  • List of levels
  • Enemies
  • Faq
  • Rewiev

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