M-Bot is one of six Newgrounds Bots that help Newgrounds with different assignments. Although they are simply bot programmes on the computer, each is given a persona, including a picture and a user page on Newgrounds, which lists their functions and may have messages from the bot. Each is characterized by having a different aura.

M-Bot Icon

M-Bot's Icon

M-Bot's Functions Edit

M-Bot- Assists moderators by notifying users of bans and removals regarding forum posts and submission reviews, usually sending a message by PM.

According to his Userpage:


Persona and style Edit

M-Bot is dark grey and has only a tiny pic on his page. He is secretive, with replies to his user posts disabled.

Appearances Edit

Flash Appearances Edit

M-Bot The Game- This is a game created by Mindchamber and Evan Greenstone; also M-bot is credited as having contibuted. In this game we take the place of M-Bot who has to save Newgrounds by fighting against spammers. At the end we see a mysterious boss named Col-Lab.

Art Appearances Edit

M-bot features in some pieces of art in the Art Portal made by MindChamber. One of them is based on M-Bot´s K-9 mode, which is a form where he appears as a beast in his M-Bot game.

Links Edit

M-Bot´s userpage

M-Bot The Game

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