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Aura: Artist
Level: Level 19
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Whistle: BronzeWhistle
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Police Sergeant
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Jonas is an Art, Audio, and Forum Moderator, Flash Author and a Voice Actor. Since he joined in 2003 he has, as of Jan 2010 logged over 7.7K BBS posts.

Moderator Edit

Jonas posted the Open Discussion Thread on the operation of Moderation on Newgrounds. In it he invites anyone to comment politely on Moderation. As of November 2010 it has 35 pages with 26K views.

Movies Edit

He has a number of movies, including a Daily second for: Metal Gill Jawsome, which he worked on with Egoraptor, who made the movie the parody is based off of, Metal Gear Awesome.

Meets Etc. Edit

Jonas has been to a number of Meets, including New York, Montreal, Atlanta, Michigan and the San Diego Comic-Con. He regularly posts pictures of these gatherings in his News and on the General Forum.

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