Real Name: Harry Partridge
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Profile: HappyHarry
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Aura: Blank Slate
Level: Level 11
Blank Slate AuraLevel 11
Whistle: BronzeWhistle
Blam/Protect Rank: Scout
Flash: Chuck's New Tux!

Saturday Morning Watchmen War, Snow, and Fire

Audio: Saturday Morning Watchmen

HappyHarry, AKA Harry Partridge, is a major Newgrounds Author from the UK who joined Newgrounds in 2004. HappyHarry has as a string of awards from his movies, along with a number of popular audio tracks used in various submissions; he also has Front Paged art in his portfolio. Harry has done animation for the BBC.


HappyHarry usually makes comedy movies, including parodies such as Left 4 Speed, Saturday Morning Watchmen, and Avatar - Hot Na'vi Sex. Harry's movies are always a success, as nothing in his portfolio since 2005 has a score of less than 4/5 and all his movies since 2005 have won at least one award. Most notable is his movie Chuck's New Tux!, which won the 2008 Tank Awards for best movie, over such contenders as There She Is!! and Walk in the Woods. In total, his flash submissions and collaborations have had over 10 million views and 51 awards, including six Review Crew Picks and five Weekly Firsts.


HappyHarry has made much of the music found in his movies and games. In total, his tracks have been listened over 120.000 times. For his Power of Three collaboration with SeethingSwarm and Kostas Skiftas, Armed Prophet, he made five different tracks. Chuck's New Tux! and Saturday Morning Watchmen, two of HappyHarry's greatest hits, also use his own music.

Art Edit

Harry's art portfolio includes the well-known picture Amber Lamps, which was front paged in February 2010, his picture of the random passenger in the famous Epic Beard Youtube video.

Links Edit

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