Author: JohnnyUtah
Origin: 09/20/2009
Resolution 720 x 1084 px
Score(As of October 2011): 4.67/5
Awards: Awards 5 Daily Feature

Awards 1Weekly Users' Choice

Awards 1Monthly Feature

Author's comments:
Tankmen have no class.

Graveyard Shift is an award winning illustration in the Art Portal, portraying the popular Newgrounds icons, the Tankmen, at a graveyard. It was submitted by JohnnyUtah, a staff member, on September 2, 2009.

Context Edit

Graveyard Shift shows a scene from Johnny Utah's own Tankmen series. The two appear to be on duty at an abandoned graveyard, but are, as usual, not taking it particularly seriously. The two seem to have consumed a few cans of beer, and are desecrating the various graves. Most notable is a large monument devoted to the Castle Crashers, which Steve has vandalized and is currently urinating on. Meanwhile, the Captain is lazily shooting at Tom Fulp's grave, while leaning back on Dan Paladin's. There are other graves in the distance, but the names on them aren't clear

Presentation Edit

Graveyard Shift

Graveyard Shift is an irreverent crossover between two Newgrounds icons.

Graveyard Shift is drawn in the style of the Tankmen series of animations. The ruined world mostly consists of shades of yellow, Steve and the Captain wear their traditional black and white garb, and the graveyard looks devastated by prior events. Even before the scene portrayed, chunks appear to have been taken out of the landscape as the years went by. However, the monument with the four Castle Crashers uses proportions similar to those found in their native game.

Reception Edit

Graveyard Shift is one of the better received pieces of artwork submitted in 2009. As of October 2011, it has an average review of 9.9/10. Furthermore, it won all of the prominent Art Portal awards: being featured on the Front Page, the Daily Feature, the Weekly Users' Choice Award, and the Monthly Feature.

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