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[The "OLIVE HILL SHOWDOWN" logo, similarly to the Street Fighter logo. With a

  • Golden Joe: It's funny how the coolest thing now is to be a gangster but many don't know the price of being one. Maybe they'll listen to their funerals. Life is a valuable gift. If you want the respect from friends and beautiful girls be the one who you see in the mirror. You know who you are so get your priority straight, because you can end your life before you start your life. And if you still wanna be a gangster, the #1 rule is. You must die fast with no fear! You know you'll never give up until you're the best! So, just sit back and relax during our favorite video of all time! Bitch you later, assholes!
  • Fitzgerald Mouse: All right you fuckin blowjob! Listen to me! I heard that you want to cancel my show, eh? We'll, fuck you, stupid muscles! We are better than you are, motherfucker! I'll let your FAWKIN movie shut right the fuck now and kick you bloody ass! Go fuck yourself! [he scolded his hand]
  • Rambo: Oh yea? We'll fine! We'll have a fight tomorrow, bitch!
  • Fitzgerald Mouse: We'll, fine! You can fuck my ass hat whenever you want you ass bag! Why don't you go.... FUCK YOURSELF YOU LITTLE BABY BITCH?!?!?!?
  • Rambo: Okay then. Let's have a fight! You're just a dumbass! [pulls out his M-60 and hurls him where Fitz' throat is shown being vituperate and blood splurge everywhere. The blood goo hits into Joe's face.]
  • Golden Joe: Whoa, man, check it out! Rambo's executing Fitzgerald! [merriments on Rambo] WOOOOOO!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!! SLAP MY ASS RAMBO!!! FUCK IT UP NOW!!!!!!! GO RAMBO!!!! [cuts to Fitz, still being killed where all his veins, streaks, his lots of goo coming out and juice.] Uh-oh! He's killed! Fitz! No! [he, and Peanut run up to him, lift him up and carried him to the back of Rhoda's.] Oh my! Check this out, Peanut. He's dead. [puts his hand on his stomach and being aghast. His body is now quatted off.] Oh no! It's okay, Mouse! That freakin Rambo guy killed you. [turns his head to Peanut] Peanut! Call 911!
  • Peanut: [picks up the phone, pressing numbers and starts to call] Hello, 911? My friend Fitzgerald is being killed by Rambo. His stomach is cut off. There's a lot of blood coming out. It's even really sick. There is some body shots of his swollen dead body that you can't even imagine! Okay. Bye! [the ambulance car is shown stopping to the garbage can. The doctors picked him up and throw him into the back side of the ambulance's door.]
  • Fitz: [mumbles with blood in his mouth] SHIT!
  • Golden Joe: Calm down Fitz. You know Rambo is not allowed to kill you like you really thinks he's a scrotum.

Fitz: Sorry Joe.

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