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Profile: Exedor
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Aura: Blank Slate
Level: Level 58
Mod AuraLevel 58
Whistle: DeityWhistle
Blam/Protect Rank: Sup. Commander
Sup. Commander
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Exedor is from Colorado Springs, and is a Forum and Audio Moderator on Newgrounds. He was given Audio Moderator powers in February 2016 to help with the influx of illegal uploads, primarily coming from Geometry Dash users.

He is otherwise known for sharing help and tips with various Newgrounds users.


Exedor is a competent artist, having been scouted by Tom Fulp himself. However, he does not upload much to the Art Portal, instead spending his time scouting talented artists. As of May 2016, he has 8 art pieces, all dating back to 2013. He currently has 97 scouts.

He contributed to the Newgrounds Holiday Art Worm in December 2013, a collaboration where one continues the artwork of another, and so on and so forth. This won him a Daily 3rd Place trophy.

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