I have recently created a Newgrounds account, even though I rarely ever use Newgrounds. This wiki is what makes me want to research a little because of the games I once played when I was young

Firstly, I am here to introduce myself. I do consider Newgrounds as a highly innovative site, as it provides a community of a sizable amount of editors and artists. I never had a Newgrounds account before, but when I was young (during the 2005-2009 years, peaking around 2006-2007), I frequently play Newgrounds and Armor Games flash games. This had became my favorite gaming platform. However, Newgrounds did offer many features way beyond games.

I am no longer that much of a gamer though, although I occasionally may play some mobile games. However, I am an admin of Candy Crush Saga wiki, and I am playing this game solely for my exploration of computer science and game marketing.

Newgrounds have changed a lot throughout the years. I read this wiki a few times ever year since 2011, and I am especially interested in level and experience system. There are 60 levels and there were 5 regular allegiances (Fab, Light, Neutral, Dark, Evil) and 2 special ones (Gold for Mod/Staff and Purple Bot). The wiki is kinda underdeveloped unfortunately.

However, I did notice that recently, the allegiance system has changed. There is no Fab to Evil allegiance anywhere, but there are many more allegiances similar to hobbies and occupations. I also noticed that aura colors are now based on your occupation-based allegiance, with Blank Slate being Neutral. Furthermore, a teal aura color is now used, and the purple aura is no longer the bot aura (Bots now have the special gold one).

This is the list of the new system of allegiances, color coded by aura. Note that similar occupations share the same aura.

Allegiance Notes
Blank Slate Default
Game Developer
Movie Buff
Art Lover
Melancholy Replaces bot allegiance.
Voice Actor
Mod Special. Bots were once purple.
Staff Special
Bot Special

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