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The Barney Bunch logo, based on the Newgrounds Tank.

The Barney Bunch is a controversial Flash group, who regularly submitted content to Newgrounds as well as several other websites. The group was formed on August 25, 2005 and reformed on youtube and YTMND in 2006.


Most flash by the Barney Bunch is animated in a simple style, and usually consists of a still picture, and explicit text-to-speech audio. These files are most commonly about Barney the Dinosaur, or Drew Pickles, a character on the children's television program, the Rugrats, although many other children's television characters are used, as well as Ronald McDonald (Referred to as "Penis Clown") and a strange cartoon clown with his penis exposed referred to as "Dick the Clown". They are often portrayed as homosexuals . Another common Barney Bunch style is having dancing tweened characters with exposed penises with flashing backgrounds and random sounds and music, flashes in this style are usually for file-swaps.

Newgrounds ResponseEdit

Barney removed

The word "Barney" has been removed from the NG search engine and appears in grey, crossed out.

Most of the flash by the Barney Bunch is met with displeasure, and several Newgrounds members have, in response, created "Anti-Barney Bunch" flash. Most submissions by the Barney Bunch are considered spam, and the term "Barney" has been removed from Newgrounds search engine. However this was done because HiT Entertainment, the owners of Barney and Friends, threatened to file a lawsuit against Newgrounds, not only because of the Barney Bunch's activity.


The Barney Bunch was established on August 25, 2005 by BarneyPoop (Tim C.) who was 11 years old at the time, one month shy of his 12th birthday. BarneyPoop and another member, StrawberryBarney, both created Flash movies involving Barney and other children show characters, such as Sesame Street characters like Big Bird, and Clifford the Big Red Dog. The Flash movies typically involved text-to-speech computerized voices and still pics, sometimes added with crudely drawn penises and/or semen on the screen. The first day the BB established, several instant fans of the Flash movies joined the Barney Bunch forums that were advertised in the Flash movies' descriptions. They were DiaperBarney, L, and SovietBarney, who made BB-influenced movies in response to seeing the movies being created by BarneyPoop and Strawberry. Their movies were in similar style, but were actually animated but with crude drawings and using text-to-speech voices as well. Other users, such as NaziBarney, AnalBarney, and RetardedBarney, soon joined on in in part of the group activities by joining the message boards.

A week or so later, the BB started adopted Drew Pickles as a character to be popularized and used in many Flash movies. A Flash movie created by BarneyPoop, Rugrats Secret Episode, used Drew Pickles, and StrawberryBarney was amused by it to the point where he helped popularize the character to become a second-tier icon for the Barney Bunch, alongside Barney. The Barney Bunch committed many file swaps on Flash movies, using stolen movies that were submitted on NG years prior, so they could pass and be replaced with BB movies after they passed judgement. (note: file swapping or switching the file on Flash movies has been disallowed on NG since about 2007 or 2008, seeing as it was being abused especially by BB members. Authors have to request admins to change a file if they needed to make revisions on the Flash or fix glitches, rather than completely changing the Flash movie as if it were a totally different movie.) Many of these submissions with accompanied with titles such as "CLIFFORD POOP SEX" or "DREW PICKLES SEXY PORN~" that were generally capitalized and angered the masses, causing many NG members to start threads on the BBS demanding to have the BB be never allowed to visit the website again, whether on their IP address or account. Nearly all of the file swaps were deleted by admins hours after they were submitted, though some have been deleted instantly after the file swap, while some have taken at least a day. The submitter's account was usually subsequently deleted as well as part of the process.

By November and December 2005, BB members went on a different route and posted higher-quality Flash submissions without using the file swapping technique and legitimately submitting Flash collaborations or individual movies that were quality enough to pass judgement (1.6/5 score).

In 2006, the group seemed to disband, and several of the original members of the group were blocked from Newgrounds. On March 7, 2007, a new flash was submitted to the portal, called "BarneyBunch Revival", as well as a web address for the Barney Bunch website. Since then, several more Barney Bunch style flashes have appeared on Newgrounds, and it seems that the Barney Bunch has returned. Soon after their revival, the group made a successful move to YouTube, where many of their videos from members such as JakeLL (Gay Carl Winslow) and L have had in excess of 500 views.

Meanwhile, on Newgrounds, several BB styled flashes appeared on Clock Day 2007, some of them only to be file swapped into porn videos and random nonsense. It has yet to be confirmed that the BB on Newgrounds was revived again.

Barney Bunch claimed to have returned in June 2009, since then they have created a new forum and have spammed the Newgrounds Portal with various file-swaps in the traditional Barney Bunch style.

In 2010 the barney bunch was returned on youtube posting "Drew Pickles goes to X" videos that in then Drew rapes every one there. They were made by newer members and sometimes they add new members to rape people but they don't remove any of the old members are in the Barney Bunch anymore and in 2012 the last Drew Pickles made by the last member. Today people make new Drew Pickles goes to X by fans of the old barney bunch.

In 2014 The Barney Bunch have started doing Reddit mods and posting pictures of Drew Pickies and other "gayness" on to subreddits

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