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Profile: B0UNC3
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Aura: Musician
Level: Level 7
Mod AuraLevel 7
Whistle: NormalWhistle
Blam/Protect Rank: Civilian
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B0UNC3 is a musician from Sweden, who joined Newgrounds on January 4, 2005. He is a Moderator in the Audio Portal.

Moderator Edit

He became an Audio Moderator in 2009, was demodded later the same year due to his account being compromised, and was reinstated in 2010.[1]

Audio Submissions Edit

As of 2010, BOUNC3 has over audio submissions on Newgrounds, mostly in the Trance genre. However, over half of them were submitted in 2005. In general, these songs have been well received, and all have a score of over 4/5. [2] His most popular song, Paradise on E[Final?], has been downloaded over 33,000 times, and is used in at least 20 Flash Portal Entries. [3] Despite this, he apparently can't read music.[4]. He announced in August 2010 that he would be opening another account for his game-related music.

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