Real Name: Tom Grant
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Profile: Aksuma
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Aura: Melancholy
Level: Level 49
Melancholy AuraLevel 49
Whistle: DeityWhistle
Blam/Protect Rank: Sup. Commander
Sup. Commander
Flash: Flash
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Aksumka is a web developer/designer, high-leveled user and long time Newgrounder. Aksumka is known for making the mini-site NG Archive and many other projects such as 3D anamation (non-flash) as well as many websites (such as Tutorial-Xplosion, a tutorial portal for use of technology and programs specific to graphics and animation, programming and game design, and a variety of software, hosted on his site) outside of Newgrounds. Aksumka is a high-ranked user. With a level 47, dark aura, Sup. Commander (35,065 blams, and 15,527 saves), 5,813 BBS posts, 282 flash reviews, and one audio review Aksumka has earned rank 60 b/s, rank 122 experience points, and a 8.83 multiplier for votes worth of voting power, and was a member on NG since 0/26/2003. Aksumka has submitted 4 flash submits (including 3 clock day submissions[2007, 2006 and 2005] and a tutorial [2004]) and art (mostly consisting of graphics designed in Photoshop) to said portals, and specializes in 3D art/graphics. AksumkA is male and is a college student in Alfred state. He is originally from Wantagh, New York, United States.

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